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Win Games with a single Tap – The orlygift app!


Are you ready to win all the latest indie games you can find on Steam? Download Orlygift right now and enjoy the ability to win games on an hourly basis. Acquire credits and use them to enter the contest and win the games you always wanted.

With our mobile app, you can access all these tasks wherever you are and you will also be notified when a new round starts, so you won’t lose any new round, instead you will have higher chances to win your games.

You can easily join with a single tap and you can share as well as manage the games that you won from a refined and simple interface. The app also features latest info and news about giveaways, our site and the gaming community so you will always be informed about the latest happenings.

The Orlygift interface is created in order to make accessing giveaways and managing games easier, so all you have to do is to download the app, complete the tasks and wait to see if you won! Download Orlygift and have fun as you explore the wonderful world of indie gaming and enjoy cool prizes!


  • Get notified when a new round starts
  • Manage and share the games that you won
  • Receive the latest news
  • Join with a single tap
  • Earn credits right from the app
  • Never miss any giveaway