Orlygift - FAQ Developers

How does Orlygift work?

Orlygift will present one Steam game a week. After a Steam login the user can get a free steam key by sharing your game on Twitter or Facebook (Follow, Like, Post). We will ask the user nicely to write a meaningful feedback after some days. The user is not forced to write a positive feedback and it is optional.

What are my benefits as an indie developer?

  • Expand your social community with the right target audience
  • Improve your organic reach on social networks
  • Get more feedback for your game
  • Receive authentic user feedback
  • Exclusive placement on Orlygift.com

What are the benefits for the players?

  • Get an awesome game for free
  • Support the indie developers
  • Find new and unique games

How do you protect my Steam keys?

  • Users must own at least five games on Steam (free to play titles are excluded)
  • Each user can only grab one steam key
  • The user is not authorized to resell Steam keys from Orlygift. Such accounts will be blocked immediately!

Is there any costs for me ?

Orlygift is free for small indie developers but we request a fee in the form of keys. Please contact us for more informations.

Stats and numbers?

When the promotion is over you will get a nice overview of all important statistics (Twitter followers, Facebook likes, shares, feedbacks etc.)

How many Steam keys do you need from me?

You can give us as many Steam keys as you want, but the minimum is 2000 keys.

What information do you need from me?

  • 2000+ Steam keys you want to give away
  • Trailer for your game, uploaded to Youtube
  • Steam ID of your game
  • Facebook page (eg. https://www.facebook.com/CommanderCoolApp)
  • Twitter name (eg. @Commanderapp)

This sounds awesome! Where can I apply with my game?

Contact us! info@orlygift.com

Uhm? I have a question!

No problem! Just send us a mail at info@orlygift.com or write us on Twitter at @orlygift