Orlygift - FAQ for Players

How long is a game available on Orlygift?

Every game is available for 2-5 days.

How does this raffle work?

  • We start a new round every n hour(s)
  • You have to enter a round to win a key
  • When the round is over, we randomly choose players that entered a round
  • These players get their keys via e-mail!

If you don't get a key on your first try, don't give up! We start a new round every hour, so everyone has a chance to get free games!

I got a key! Can I get a second one for my friend?

No, players who got a key from us cannot request another key of the same game. If your friends like the game, they must request a key themselves.

How many keys will be available per game?

The number of available keys is set by the developer of the game. We try to get as many keys as possible for you so everyone has a chance to get a free game <3

Do I need a Steam account?

Yes, we need your Steam account to verify your unique identity.

Which social networks are supported?

Orlygift currently supports Facebook and Twitter.

Where is my Steam key?

Your Steam key will be sent by mail. If you lost your Steam key somehow, please go to Claimed Steam keys.

How can I activate my Steam key?

Steam key activation

Why do you need my Steam account?

We are using your Steam account for verification. We also count your overall games in your library to exclude fake accounts. Free games will be excluded of course. Accounts with less than 5 games are excluded.

Why do I need a public Steam account?

We need to count the overall games in your library. And your library is only visible on public accounts. After the proccess you can switch back to private.


  • Enter a Giveaway

    1. You need a public Steam account
    2. You need at least 5 paid Steam games in your Steam library
    3. You need at least a Steam Level of 1
    4. You don't have the current giveaway game in your Steam library
    5. You have activated the last won game on orlygift in your Steam library. If you never won a Steam game on orlygift you can join the giveaway without this restriction. (The following game types are excluded: DLC, Origin, UPlay, In-Game Codes, PS4 Keys)
    6. It's not allowed to use multiple Steam accounts
    7. It's not allowed to use any type of Proxy, VPN or other services to change/hide/fake your IP
    8. It's not allowed to use any type of browser extensions to manipulating client-side source code.
  • Steam Key

    • You have to activate the Steam Key on your own Steam account.
    • You are not allowed to sell, share or distribute the Steam key to anyone else ( for example: G2A, Steamgifts, Steamcompanion etc.)
    • Our official partners can share Steam Keys on other giveaway platforms.
    • If you gave away previous won games to a close friend or family member you can contact our support team info@orlygift.com
  • Other Keys

    • The following Keys/In-Game Codes can be shared but not sold:
      • DLC (Steam)
      • In-Game Codes
      • Origin Game Key
      • UPlay Key
      • PS4 Key
  • Reviews

    • Writing a review to a game is optional and is not requried to join a giveaway
    • The following reviews will be rejected and you lose your 10 credits immediately:
      • The selected language does not match with the written review
      • Does not have the length of 50 characters (repeating a word is not allowed)
      • Is not a meaningful review (e.g.: "Good game." is not allowed)
      • Is a duplicated or copied review from other users
      • Contains any sort of spam, fake or advertisment content
    • You are able to edit your review and get your credits back after we haved approved it. This can take up to 1-2 days.
  • Violate against these rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban from orlygift


What are Credits?

With Credits your chance to win increase.

How can I get Credits?

You can get +1 Credit for participate in a round.

I have lost my credits!

If you win a key, you lose 50% of your credits and maximal 50 Credits
200 Credits, you lose 50 credits
50 Credits, you lose 25 credits
So everyone has a chance to win a key :)

I have a problem, who can help me!?

Please contact us via mail at info@orlygift.com or write us via Twitter at @orlygift