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Angry Arrows

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3.6 Angry Arrows

Angry Arrows is a cooperative archery game about rescuing hostages from enemy strongholds using nothing but bows and arrows. Just remember, one fatal mistake and it's back to square one.

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hackfrag orlygift 2 years ago

Screenshot Angry Arrows

Angry Arrows

Angry Arrows is a game that I enjoyed right from the start because it brings in front a multitude of great opportunities. The main idea with this game is that it was designed in order to deliver a wonderful multiplayer experience and despite not having an online component, it more than shines via its co-op.

The game on its own doesn’t really have a major singleplayer component, but if you want you can play on your own. Regardless of the fact that you choose to play on your own or with a friend, the objective of Angry Arrows is still the same, and that is to rescue hostages from their enemy strongholds using bows and arrows.

You will have to work closely with your friend in order to make sure that you complete the objective without dying. Yes, you have to avoid dying because you will start the level from the beginning, and that is a very bad thing. Thankfully, there are multiple levels of enemies that you can engage in battle, and it all comes down to you to defeat everyone so you can get the hostages home.

There is a strategy component to the entire experience, and that always delivers a great experience all around. Of course, the more you play the better the entire experience will be because you will have the opportunity to strategize in a more reliable and exciting fashion. The game is designed with ease of play in mind and there are numerous unlocks as you complete the story, unlocks that make the gameplay more fun and exciting all the same.

Controller support and other benefits are designed in order to make the game better and more refined, so you do need to use everything you get in Angry Arrows as it can be either a clue or a helpful tool.

The campaign mode in Angry Arrows has 25 levels, and based on my experience I have to say that the difficulty increases exponentially, something you will enjoy quite a lot. It’s amazing how refined the entire experience gets and even though the enemies can be tough sometimes, exploring this magnificent world is a pleasure.

Overall, I am impressed with the fact that Angry Arrows is designed, from the great game world to the multiple game modes, but one of the things that everyone enjoys here is the amazing set of mechanics. Add that up to the versus mode and the ton of content you can find in this game, then you can understand why playing Angry Arrows is a very good idea. I surely recommend you to give this game a go, it’s a ton of fun and one of the most pleasant, memorable experiences! Sure, there are a few issues here and there but overall the game is solid and designed to deliver a stunning outcome all around, which you will like for sure.

Screenshot Angry Arrows
Screenshot Angry Arrows
Screenshot Angry Arrows

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