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3.4 Castle

Build and protect castles simultaneously in this original and addictive game!

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User Reviews: 3.4 / 5.0 (1559 reviews)


hackfrag orlygift 6 years ago

Screenshot Castle


Castle is a very interesting game that manages to bring in front a very interesting, exciting set of ideas that you will like for sure. The main idea here is simple, you need to create castles and protect them at the same time, a mechanic that can prove to be quite difficult at times.


Right off the bat, Castle is truly interesting as its premise is something unseen. You receive castle building requests from monarchs and you have to complete them as fast as possible without making mistakes. It will take a little while to complete these castles but the true challenge comes from defending them, as there are numerous persons that will do all in their power in order destroy the castle.

I like the fact that despite being a small indie game, Castle doesn’t really hold your hand, instead it manages to bring in front a whole bunch of challenges and numerous experiences that you can enjoy. Not only does this game offer you a very good experience, but it’s also filled with a whole bunch of interesting notions that you can play all the time.

It makes the journey a lot more interesting, because with multiple game modes and a lot of content to peruse, you will always try to bring in front better and funnier experiences all the time. Of course, the game does tend to get quite difficult at times, but on the other hand it’s the way that the entire experience is created, and it’s a bunch of fun for sure.

If you are an achievement hunter, the game does come with around 30 of these trophies, and despite playing for many hours, I was unable to get all of them. Yes, the game is indeed challenging but it’s a pleasant challenge as each time you can find out new stuff and the experience does get more exciting because of that.

The overall gameplay is surely a lot of fun, I always giggled when I saw the action on the screen, and for me this is the perfect kind, one that delivers on all of its promises, which is truly important.


Not only does Castle look great for its 16-bit graphics, but it also does a great job when it comes to offering you a really exciting world to peruse. Character design is funny as hell and as a whole the title does an amazing job when it comes to portraying a funny, interesting and powerful game world that you can enjoy being a part of all the time.

I liked playing Castle and I will surely be back for more, as I do feel this game has a lot of potential. Do try to give it a shot and you will definitely enjoy the entire set of gameplay results that it can offer. On top of that, the game is inexpensive and you can find it on sale quite often which is a major plus!

Screenshot Castle
Screenshot Castle
Screenshot Castle

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