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Celia's Quest

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Celia's Quest

Not long after Celia leaves her home to go on an adventure (and maybe, just maybe, to avoid getting married to Ced the creep) she finds herself in the village of Villageville, where she meets another runaway.

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hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot Celia's Quest

Celia's Quest

Experience the ultimate adventure and formation journey with Celia's Quest

Whilst I am not a fan of 16-bit JRPGs, I always appreciate a game that’s well done and nicely designed, and Celia's Quest is exactly that. In this particular game you can follow a girl whose main journey is to have her friend as well as prove herself in a world filled with dangers and uncanny battles that can be very hard to complete!

The story in this particular game is actually very good and I am impressed with the way they portray Celia as a poor, untrained girl that tries to evolve. In fact this is what the game is all about, the evolution of a girl into a mighty warrior.

Exploration is a huge part of the game to be honest, so if you are a fan of exploring hidden locations within the game world and engaging various monsters in battles, this is surely one of the titles you will like. Not only that, but I find that the gameplay is widely focused on the idea of combat, even though there are plenty of locations where the dialog plays a major role as well.

Enemies are varied in this game and there are many bosses too, so you can rest assured that there are lots of battles to be had in Celia's Quest. From the dragon to the angry shrooms, you can easily test your might against all of these monsters, and not all of them can deliver the best possible results.

The RPG component in this game is very solid and at the same time you will definitely appreciate the fact that you don’t have to grind in order to get new levels. Instead, leveling up is natural and it doesn’t take that long until you actually reach a new level, which is always a great thing and a major plus for sure.

Celia's Quest comes with tons of skills that you can learn and the ability to match and mix all of them is important if you want to survive in this world. While the game world is not that detailed, it’s vast and large, which means that you will have a blast exploring it, that’s for sure.

Graphically, the game does offer a 16-bit wonder as you would expect, but as I stated before the game world is nicely created and filled with amazing potential.

You can find dungeons and open spaces, with colorful locations being located alongside the other regions of the game.

Celia's Quest isn’t a long game, but it does deliver an intense and action packed experience. For around 15 hours you will have the ability to become a true warrior and help Celia evolve in what you want her to be. Celia's Quest is an intense, action packed game that does offer a ton of value and the experience you get here is amazing, so you shouldn’t hesitate to try it out. If you like JRPGs and you have a few bucks to spare, this can be a great investment

Screenshot Celia's Quest
Screenshot Celia's Quest
Screenshot Celia's Quest

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