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Crusaders of the Lost Idols (January 2016)

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3.6 Crusaders of the Lost Idols (January 2016)

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is an idle game of heroic awesomeness! Create a band of fighters to fight monsters, earn gold and create strategies for the perfect formations over multiple campaigns! Upgrade your heroes, earn unique gear, and unlock new Crusa

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User Reviews: 3.6 / 5.0 (1205 reviews)


hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot Crusaders of the Lost Idols (January 2016)

Crusaders of the Lost Idols (January 2016)

The ultimate idling game with plenty of potential

Crusaders of the Lost Idols is one of the many clicker and idling games that you can find out there, but the thing that makes it special is surely the uniqueness that it delivers to the entire experience. You see, this is not a simple clicking game, it actually has a story and you do need to work hard in order to find the lost idols as well as eliminate the enemies that come in front of you.

The idea is simple, you have one or multiple characters that need to eliminate the endless enemy threat and all you have to do is to make sure that you accumulate the money you need in order to do upgrades and level up your characters. The more you do this, the better your characters will become so you do need to play as much as you can in order to improve their capabilities.

This is the major strength of Crusaders of the Lost Idols, because it always manages to bring in front a really neat gameplay without making the experience complicated. Instead, once you enter and start playing the game you will get addicted to its interesting yet simple mechanics that you have to follow.

There are multiple level types to be had in the game world and each one does have its own value, so it all comes down to you to harness their power and potential in order to get the best experience.

Rest assured that playing Crusaders of the Lost Idols will not be easy at times, because enemies are becoming more and more powerful so you have to do all you can in order to generate the best results, that’s for sure.

With that in mind, you have to devise strategies. And since the currency will not be enough, you will need to see what play style works for you best and then upgrade it to get the best experience. It might not look like much at first but the experience will be well worth it so you should definitely invest your time in getting this done properly.

Positioning is essential in this game and that’s one of the things that sets it aside, which is always a nice touch that delivers great potential.

Graphics are quite impressive considering that this is a free game, and the animation quality is good as well. The game does a really good job when it comes to delivering a nice attention to detail and in the end it can definitely pay off, which is what matters the most.

I played this game for quite some time now and I found it to be the thinking man’s idle game. It’s not only about idling and clicking, it also requires strategy and attention to detail, which in the end can really add up to a fun experience. The strategic opportunities and pure fun gameplay will always make you come back for one more turn. This is an amazing free game, well worth the time you want to place into it!

Screenshot Crusaders of the Lost Idols (January 2016)
Screenshot Crusaders of the Lost Idols (January 2016)
Screenshot Crusaders of the Lost Idols (January 2016)

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