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Damned Nation Reborn

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Damned Nation Reborn

Blending horror survival/ Building and tower defence elements Damned Nation gives the player more ways to experience the post apocalypse the ever before.

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hackfrag orlygift 6 years ago

Screenshot Damned Nation Reborn

Damned Nation Reborn

Damned Nation Rebornis a game that allows you to basically enter a world filled with tons of zombies and where the only thing you can do is to survive. This is a very direct, action packed game where you need to try and find all survivors, all while making sure that you obtain the best results and the ultimate possibilities that will be enjoyed at all times.

Damned Nation Reborn is designed with a great premise, but seeing the apocalypse up close like you do in this game can be a very disturbing moment, yet a truly immersive one at the same time. You will find that exploring your home and checking out the unlimited possibilities found here is quite extraordinary, yet the main benefit from the entire experience definitely comes from building up your character and taking it to the next level!

You do have plenty of interesting objectives as you play, and all of them are designed in order to offer a cool variety all around. The game is not only very easy to play however the difficulty can get a little high at times, yet that’s to be considered one of the major perks in the game. You will like the fact that the more you play, the better the game actually gets, and exploring the deadlands here is more than refreshing. There are tower defense mechanics in the game, which is quite nice, and at the same time you feel a sense of strategy being near you all around.

At the same time, you do receive a solid exploration element and a really exciting, action packed gameplay that will explore plenty of amazing possibilities all around.

Graphically the game does look nice, although too much bloom does tend to make the world a little unbelievable, at least from my perspective. Despite that, there are multiple enemies here and the ability to engage them in battle as well as using towers to defeat them is spectacular.

I had a few problems with the game’s camera, but nothing too bad that would hamper the game experience. Missions, structures and turrets are great and it can be quite a delight to upgrade structures and explore all that the game has to offer. I found the entire experience to be interesting and exciting at the same time, but it also delivers some great rewards all around which is always a major plus.

The more you play the more difficult the game becomes, but let’s face it, the experience is more than impressive. Each mission gives you influence and that delivers a great outcome all around, but the thing you will enjoy the most is the simplicity and the unique appeal that you will enjoy.

In the end, this is an exciting game and one that delivers a stellar experience each time you play it. There are a few performance issues here and there, and the game can get repetitive, but that’s what an Early Access game usually offers. Overall, Damned Nation Reborn takes tower defense and strategy to a new level, and the zombies come as a cool bonus!

Screenshot Damned Nation Reborn
Screenshot Damned Nation Reborn
Screenshot Damned Nation Reborn

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