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ExZeus 2

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ExZeus 2

ExZeus 2, a fast paced colorful 3D shooter on rails.

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hackfrag orlygift 2022 years ago

Screenshot ExZeus 2

ExZeus 2

ExZeus 2 is a wonderful 3D rails shooter that has a rather distinct gameplay mechanic. The idea here is that you are in the deep future and you control a robot as you try to eliminate all the enemy forces right in front of you. This is a rather tricky and challenging thing that you need to pull off the best way you can. The problem is that the game is getting more and more challenging, so knowing how to handle every situation like this will definitely be important.

Right off the bat, what I like about the ExZeus 2 game is the setting. The game looks great and it does bring in front a really impressive set of game mechanics. The combination of multiple weapons and different attacks does allow you a plethora of options as you play. You can also shoot enemies in the air or you can fight them on the ground.

The nice thing here is that a transition between all the fight modes is done naturally, so you are never encumbered by all of this. Instead, everything is enticing, unique and fun to begin with. The game does a very good job when it comes to customization options. You can customize and also upgrade the robot. Based on my experience with the game, you will find that some fights can be extremely challenging and demanding. But the more you play and the better you upgrade your robot, the more interesting the game will be.

The controls were a bit off though. While the flying controls seem ok, the walking and driving sections can take some getting used to. But overall, the game does an extremely good job as a whole and you will be quite impressed with the entire set of results delivered here. However, I do recommend you to use a controller if you can, because keyboard controls are far from perfect.

The graphics are ok, considering the price of this game. They aren’t the most detailed out there, but I do believe that the gameplay is very good and it will definitely be a good experience for everyone involved. The music and sounds as a whole are impressive, and considering that the game is created by a small team, it is a wonderful achievement to be had. Definitely worth taking into consideration if you enjoy this sort of game mechanics and setting.

For me, controlling a robot and entering a fight with various creatures is as fun and enticing as it can be. The gameplay is slick, and even if the controls are a bit hard to figure out at first, you can get used to them as a whole. I believe that ExZeus 2 does a very good job when it comes to exploring the on-rails gameplay and the overall results are more than satisfactory. The game does have plenty of fun moments and it does push adrenalin through your veins. Plus, it’s always more and more challenging, which is exactly the type of thing that you want to have from such a game!

Screenshot ExZeus 2
Screenshot ExZeus 2
Screenshot ExZeus 2

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