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Face It

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3.5 Face It

FACE IT is a game about facing the most challenging feelings of the human experience. It uses a dark atmosphere combining classic platformer mechanics with survival dynamics to bring the feeling of wandering in the deepest and darkest places.

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hackfrag orlygift 4 years ago

Screenshot Face It

Face It

A surreal, amazing platform game with horror elements that offer gaming goodness

Face It is a strange combination of two genres, at least at first, because it offers the classic horror experience while also allowing you to experience that in the form of a platform game. The main idea behind it is that it creates a large game world with a whole lot of obstacles that can be found deep inside your mind.

It’s basically a title that allows you to explore the inner depths of the human mind in the form of a seamless, extraordinary game mechanic. Adding in platforming elements here is more than impressive, because it does manage to provide a sense of rush and fear, something that the game might not need at first, however the entire gameplay is more than interesting and cohesive to offer you tremendous value right off the bat, and that quickly becomes enjoyable.

The game relies on the idea of stepping on platforms and making sure that you avoid dangers that come in your way. You also need to avoid ghosts the best way you can, as that is truly important if you want to stay alive, and it’s that combination of fear as well as precision that makes this title so action packed.

Defeating the ghosts might be harder than it seems at first, but thankfully with a lot of attention and abstraction from the enemies that come in your way, you will be able to have some really neat, interesting results at the end of the day.

I found the game to be very challenging, but at the same time quite scary because they went with a dark esthetic so you don’t really know all the time what exactly follows you, let alone where you are, and for many this can induce quite a lot of scare.

The mechanics implemented in the game are frightening, but they do make sense and the entire gameplay is really awesome to be honest. You do get that action packed feel of entering a game world and trying to avoid enemies, yet it’s you alone that can go over these challenges and overcome them as you see fit. The premise in this game is very good, the characters are nicely implemented, but what matters the most is the way you play of course, as that is what induces the value and total appeal of your gameplay as a whole.

If you love the idea of exploring your mind and engaging the hardest platform mechanics out there, in Face It you will find exactly what you are looking for. While the game might not be easy, it does offer a lot of value. At the same time, the dark graphics will not please everyone, yet they do offer quite an interesting world where you can play, so you should give it a try regardless, especially since the price is very low to begin with!

Screenshot Face It
Screenshot Face It
Screenshot Face It

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