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3.3 Gunjitsu

Gunjitsu is a fast-paced platform shooter with grappling hooks, rocket launchers, guns and grenades! Kill your opponents or race them for the fastest time. Inspirations from old platform shooters gives Gunjitsu a classic feel while modern tech takes it to

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User Reviews: 3.3 / 5.0 (1288 reviews)


hackfrag orlygift 6 years ago

Screenshot Gunjitsu


Gunjitsu is one of those games that were created even for those persons such as me that don’t like competitive titles. The action packed gameplay included here, combined with a cool soundtrack and great multiplayer mechanics add up to make a very good, refined experience.


Right off the bat, Gunjitsu is a great game. It offers ultimate 2.5d shooting mechanics that are fun, and the fact that you can go from a platform to another using a grappling hook clearly shows how fun and exciting the game can actually be.

There’s a lot of stuff to be had here, as you have a ton of items, and at the same time you also need to use your skills in order to get from one platform to another. This is more than just a platform game, instead it’s a title that places a lot of focus on a good, packed gameplay and a wide range of interesting ideas that you can exploit all the time.

I have to say that it can be hard to find people online playing this title, so it’s a very good idea to get this game with a few friends if you want to make the most out of this entire experience.

There are custom game modes, and at the same time you also have 2 main game modes that are quite interesting to check out. You also get access to 7 different weapons and a whole bunch of other cool stuff that adds up in order to create a very interesting, albeit a little different experience than the ones you are most likely accustomed with. The game is not only very fun to play, but it does include leaderboards that increase the replay value.

I am a little disappointed that there aren’t a lot of people playing this online, but on the other hand you do get quite a lot of interesting gameplay moments if you do find someone to play, which is always exciting and funny for sure.


Gunjitsu looks really good, and it does surpass other similar titles such as Soldat for example. There is a good graphical fidelity in this game and at the same time I love the idea that they added great animations and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. The music in this game is also very good, and that manages to bring in front some extraordinary results, which is exciting and fun for sure.

Overall, I feel that Gunjitsu is a great game, and it can be fun provided that you can find the people to play with. In fact, this is the downside that I find for this game, but as I said, as long as you can find the friends to play with, this can really be a goldmine for sure!

Screenshot Gunjitsu
Screenshot Gunjitsu
Screenshot Gunjitsu

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