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3.5 Gunslugs

A wacky, chaotic, action game with a rogue-like permadeath, unlockable heroes, timelord, chickenguns, donkey kong levels, gameboy levels and much more. Fight your way through as many levels and worlds as you can, defeat the Black Duck Army, and close the

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hackfrag orlygift 6 years ago

Screenshot Gunslugs


Gunslugs is one of those funny, action packed arcade game that not only focuses on delivering great platforming excellence, but it also manages to bring in front a lot of fun, which is something that you really want all the time from such a title.


The gameplay in this particular game is fun, immersive and really intelligent. Not only does the game manage to bring in front a cool range of mechanics, but it also combines multiple games into a single one. You have GameBoy elements here which for me is something extraordinary, but at the same time you do get 8-bit related graphics and a whole bunch of other stuff that adds up to creating something extraordinary and exciting.

Basically, everything in this game can be your enemy, and that can be scary to be honest, because you do get a ton of moments in which you don’t really know who and what attacks you. However, you do have an objective, and that can be very demanding all the time.

Still, the ability to explore large levels and have your own twist on everything is really awesome. You get upgrades, great levels as well as varied weapons and all the stuff that you can expect from such a game. The title can be confusing at first, I have to say, but once you start playing you really get into it and everything just manages to shine because of that.

I am very impressed with the way everything manages to add up together. On paper, this game would seem completely nuts, but here not only does it make sense, it’s very enjoyable and it offers a whole bunch of value which is what matters the most.

The side scrolling experience in this game is not only very impressive, it’s natural and it manages to showcase the uniqueness of this entire experience. It’s amazing what Gunslugs manages to do with a low budget, and the fact that you can always deal with pixelated enemies makes it even more worth it.


Graphically, Gunslugs won’t win any awards, but the 8-bit graphics really have style here and I enjoy the way they were created. You will like how fun and interesting the level design is, and the characters are also portrayed in a very different, exciting manner. The game literally screams pop culture and it manages to bring in front so many references to the older titles, all while remaining true to its own self.

Gunslugs caught me off guard, as I did not expect to encounter such a good game. It does have its flaws, true, but for what it is, this game really manages to make you feel fun unlike never before. It’s really different to what you would expect to see on Steam, and this is one of the main reasons why you should check it out, as it’s really well worth your time. Don’t hesitate and give it a shot, it’s inexpensive and offers a ton of value!

Screenshot Gunslugs
Screenshot Gunslugs
Screenshot Gunslugs

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