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perspective illusion puzzle based on M.C. Escher drawings and impossible...

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hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot hocus


A great insight into the world of puzzle based illusions

Hocus is one of those games that it might take a while to understand. It’s basically a puzzle based title where your main purpose is to try and complete the puzzle as fast as possible.

The challenge for many of us is that the game is designed with attention to detail in mind so unless you pay extra attention to the requirements of the level and fully use your mind in order to find creative solutions to complete the level, you might be unable to get further in this game.

Even if this title is definitely gearead towards casuals, I can definitely state that even those that love puzzle games and play them almost daily will see this game as a challenge.

This is because hocus is based on illusions, and that makes the game very hard to predict or solve. The illusions are great from a visual perspective but they can also get confusing, and until you do have the ability to solve the game it might indeed take a little while, but the results can really pay off which is what matters the most.

Hocus is accompanied by a relaxing music and it does manage to deliver a very interesting gameplay all around, which is amazing to be honest. Since it’s developed by an indie developer, you can clearly see that a lot of passion and knowledge of the genre is placed into this game, and the entire gameplay is really good because of that.

Even though the game is said to function better with a gamepad, I found the mouse controls to be just as good, so you should use them if you don’t own a gamepad, even if the latter is more comfortable.

I did find the levels to be very demanding to be honest especially as you progress, but this is a puzzle game so that’s to be expected. The fact that you can choose the level you want to play is amazing however I did notice that you need to try out the latter levels at least a dozen times before completing them, so they are indeed very hard to play for sure.

Graphics are simplistic in this game, and they are there just to deliver the ultimate set of results that you always wanted. It’s clear that the game does offer an immense value and a really exciting gameplay, but what keeps you playing is how well every level is created. At the same time, the illusions are very interesting as well so you can definitely spend some time as you try to get the hang of what happens there. Either way, hocus is a solid insight into the puzzle experience and with such a low price, it’s a no brainer!

Screenshot hocus
Screenshot hocus
Screenshot hocus

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