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Judgement is a story-driven, decision-making adventure game, where your Judgement can mean the difference between life, death, or somewhere in between. It's a game of morality and how gray it can be.

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hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot Judgement


Face the ultimate set of decisions and explore the depths of the human mind

Judgement is one of those games that can really deliver a great set of interesting mechanics despite the low quality graphics. It’s basically a combination of adventure and action game where everything adds up and connects in order to deliver an exciting experience and a fun time for all players.

Yet despite that, I do find that the game does have some disturbing moments and situations that could have been avoided, but on the other hand these might be appreciated if you are a fan of hardcore horror.

The gruesomeness in this game is quite hard to describe, but the game is really fun and it does deliver quite a lot of amazing value despite the low price. The game world is not fully rendered so you can see portions of it as you play, but it does create a good insight into how demanding and scary it can be.

You do feel like a part of this demented world, but sometimes you just want to get out of it, because the decisions you have to face are more than any human can bear. It does take a while for you to actually get access to a weapon, so until then you get the ability to explore the game, check out the story and other important stuff.

It’s also quite neat that they do offer a good weapon to play with, and for me the monster killing sections are definitely the most fun. They can be rewarding for sure, but some other portions such as the ones where you dissect enemies and so on can get a little gruesome.

Yet the morality system and decision making is where most of the controversy from this game will go. The title tries very hard and it actually succeeds to offer a great way to explain the difference between life and death. It also allows you to fully understand what morality really is and understanding how you can use it in order to get the best possible experience is where most of the game will actually play. I did find it to be quite demanding at times, but at the end of the day what matters is how everything adds up together, and that’s done with the utmost perfection.

Even if Judgement might be dark at times, it’s still worth a try at least for the life lessons that it delivers. I did have a few issues getting it to run properly and the production value is a little low, but considering the price and the gameplay that it provides, I would say that Judgement is worth a shot especially if you can get it on sale.

Screenshot Judgement
Screenshot Judgement
Screenshot Judgement

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