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Last Resort Island

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3.2 Last Resort Island

As a castaway you strand on a remote island. And that's just the beginning of a survival adventure with a big helping of goofy slapstick fun!

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hackfrag orlygift 3 years ago

Screenshot Last Resort Island

Last Resort Island

Enjoy a great match three game where you are a castaway trying to survive a challenging world!

Last Resort Island is a very exciting title where you play the role of a castaway trying to stay alive. This is a great title where your primary focus is to step away from all the challenges and just keep your life, even if the environment is very dangerous. There’s a bit of fun related to everything here, but the situation is very serious. So you really need to complete the match 3 portions of the game as quickly as you can in order to get some good results.

What you will like in Last Resort Island is that this is a game with some pretty good match 3 levels. There are 98 of them, but more will be added with future updates. There are also solitaire challenges, jigsaw puzzles as well as logical problems and so on. All these things add up to bring in front some pretty nice and unique ideas for you to explore. What you will love the most about Last Resort Island is that it allows you to create a resort while also bringing in a way to explore the island and enjoy everything that comes in your way.

Just like in most match 3 games, matching items will come in handy and it will just bring in front some pretty fascinating moments. It’s also a good idea to notice that the game features some pretty interesting power-ups too. So yes, it does add up pretty well and it can offer you a very interesting experience. It offers a great mix of gaming and it always brings in front some nice, unique moments for you to explore and enjoy. The gem matching experience offered here is special and it’s always an exciting and fun one regardless of the situation. What you will notice with Last Resort Island is that it always changes and it gets very fun every time.

With each new level you have a challenge, but it’s also super rewarding and interesting as you play. That alone shows the true value and unique approach offered by the game. It’s one of those things you will like quite a lot, so try to consider it the best way that you can.

All the achievements and unique mechanics offered here are bringing in the entertainment value that you need from a title like this. Last Resort Island is super fun, it’s always pushing the boundaries and it can definitely become one of the coolest games you can play. Sure, it has some challenges along the way, but it’s super good and the fact that you can play it without any hassle and always explore new things is super enticing.

In the end, this is a very fun and interesting game. It has plenty of unique mechanics, it offers you some nice ideas and you will also have a lot of fun enjoying the experience as a whole. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you love this type of games to begin with.
Screenshot Last Resort Island
Screenshot Last Resort Island
Screenshot Last Resort Island

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