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Onikira is a 2D side scrolling beat ‘em up set in a fantasy feudal Japan where the player takes on the role of a samurai fighting to prevent the forces of the Japanese underworld from breaking through into the world of the living.

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hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot Onikira


Onikira is one of those games designed in order to help you relive history unlike never before. However, in order to spruce up the experience and make it more interesting, the game delivers a new, exciting and different feudal Japan where fantasy items have come to life and you are the only one to stop.

Onikira has a very simple gameplay, similar to the other sidescroller titles we all know and love, but they weren’t afraid to add their own twist to the story. The gameplay is refined to the point where your entire experience depends on the way you play. That on its own is very interesting and exciting to be honest, but the way they compared mechanics from 3D beat-em-ups and integrated them here is simple as fun and extraordinary as you would expect.

It’s really nice to see that you can switch weapons even while jumping and each one of those actually has a different power. Sure, there are a few issues here and there such as the fact that there are a few animation bugs that make the movement a little incoherent at times but other than that I can safely say that the game does a solid job when it comes to creating an exciting, fun and truly immersive game world. There could have been a multitude of other interesting tools in this game but for some reason Onikira manages to deliver the true excitement and interesting appeal that you always wanted.

There’s a variety of enemies to be had here but the story is very good and in order to follow it you do need to kill just about anyone that comes in your way. There are tons of demons in the game and since you can use environmental aids at any given time, you can imagine that the entire experience is solid and filled with a lot of potential.

The game world is nicely designed all the time in this game and the entire experience is created with a professional tone. You can find a great combat focus in this game and the fact that you can modify the experience to suit your needs is all bun fun and rewarding all the same. The game is really good at what it does and the simplicity of all platforming elements definitely showcases how interesting and different Onikira really is.

Graphics are great, albeit not very impressive, but they do a good job when it comes to setting the tone of the game world and making the feudal Japan setting a credible and fun one. Of course, there are some hints here and there in regards to how the game plays out and how you should play it, but each one of them is very interesting and cleverly integrated into the entire experience.

Overall, Onikira is a solid game, and it does deliver a great perspective about true, action packed gameplay all around. It’s a really fun game and the entire experience is amazing, so you should totally give this title a shot if you are into platformers with a good story and interesting battles.

Screenshot Onikira
Screenshot Onikira
Screenshot Onikira

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