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Origin Space

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Origin Space

Origin Space is an action RPG. Your character are a pilot of a combat spaceship, a member of a long-standing feud between the Federation and the Cultists. Having defeated hordes of enemies in dynamic battles, change the course of history!

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hackfrag orlygift 2021 years ago

Screenshot Origin Space

Origin Space

Origin Space is a very distinct game and one that’s rather easy to understand. The idea here is simple. You represent the Earth Federation and someone is attacking the human colonies. As a result, you need to do everything in your power to stop that attack.

You have 2 types of ships to choose from, at first you are either a scout or a sentinel, with the final class being unlocked later. The great thing here is that you can always adapt to the attacks and create some rather unique, interesting ships in the end.

The upgrades are abundant in the game world, and that definitely makes the game special and more interesting as a whole. They did a very good job at bringing in front an RPG system. Each ship has its own set of attacks, and the best thing about it is that you will enjoy quite a lot of interesting approaches here.

Not only that, but each class comes with its own set of battle abilities. That makes the game more interesting, and it brings in front some tremendous ideas for you to explore. The equipment you can use on this ship will be salvaged once you kill enemies.

That’s where the RPG element comes into play. You accumulate experience when you kill enemies, and that does make the gameplay and experience a lot more rewarding than ever before. The best part about the Origin Space is that you are always in control.

You are free to choose how to play and there are always some new things to take into consideration. It’s certainly a nice opportunity to have, and the best part is that you can easily create your own strategies.

The thing that will impress you in Origin Space is that the game is all about bringing in front some really good game mechanics. And the AI is also bringing in different tactics with each attack. This is quite impressive, because the gameplay does get better as you go along. It really is a nice opportunity to have and it just goes to show the sheer appeal of this gameplay.

Moreover, Origin Space does have its own campaign. That’s really nice, and it brings in front some nifty game ideas for you to explore. The open world is a nice touch here. And while the graphics may not be outstanding, you do have a clear sense of immersion as you play. That alone makes the game stand out, because you do feel like a part of the Earth Federation and you want to make a difference. That’s definitely the cool aspect of this game.

It’s fair to say, that at the moment, the functionality of the arcade mode is in development, but after completing campaign you can still fighting randomly generated enemies for better loot.

Overall, I found Origin Space to be very fun and I would definitely recommend it to others. This is a great game and even in Early Access (at the time of this writing) it’s still a very solid space RPG!

Screenshot Origin Space
Screenshot Origin Space
Screenshot Origin Space

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