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3.4 Pushcat

Pushing boulders, matching gems and mining silver... that's what life's all about.

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hackfrag orlygift 6 years ago

Screenshot Pushcat


Puzzle goodness with Pushcat!

While most puzzle games nowadays are designed with AAA-style graphics in mind all so that they can catch the eye, Pushcat is one of the games that tries to be innovative and does a great job in this regard. Not only is the title designed in order to offer you a stellar way to test your puzzle abilities, but it also includes a neat retro gaming element that will surely grab the attention of older players.

The graphics style is unlike something I have ever seen, and that can only be doubled by the intense, yet strange gameplay. You do need to take some time in order to adjust with the entire idea behind the game, but as a whole this is more than impressive to be honest and I surely enjoy the gameplay mainly because it combines multiple interesting genres.

You have puzzles, which is neat, then the idea of match three games, and then you also have platforming as well, not to mention that you also have to mine for silver. All of these actions are seamlessly combined into what can be seen as a very demanding, fun and action packed experience that you can enjoy as you see fit. There are plenty of cool ideas in Pushcat, and being able to insert a boss fight in there is quite an innovation.

Once I started playing Pushcat I liked the way they push the boundaries of normal puzzle games, because they are not afraid to take risks. The entire experience is really nice as a whole, and to be honest it does a great job in offering you something unique and different.

The more you play, the more silver you can acquire and that resource can be used in countless ways during your gameplay sessions. It’s a good idea to collect as much as you can, but considering that sometimes you will have enemies following you for this, you do need to try and stay alive rather than collecting silver and getting killed.

To be honest, it’s the combination of rush and strategy that makes Pushcat so interesting, because each time you play you will love how both of these ideas play together in order to offer a refined and fun experience as a whole. It’s nice to see how interesting the entire thing turns out in the end, especially during the long gaming moments, but at the end of the day you will love each moment in this game and that’s what matters.

Some will dislike the retro graphics mainly because they are accustomed to the AAA games, but if that’s not a problem for you, rest assured that you will love every moment from the entire experience. Playing Pushcat is amazing and the more you play, the cooler the experience will actually be. Don’t hesitate and try out this amazing game, it’s a great time investment especially if you are into retro games with an original set of ideas!

Screenshot Pushcat
Screenshot Pushcat
Screenshot Pushcat

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