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Red Lake

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Red Lake

Red Lake - horror shooter with elements of quest.

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hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot Red Lake

Red Lake

Embrace the horror and shooting in one scary experience


Red Lake is an interesting horror game that tries to combine shooting and scares into one exciting package, but unfortunately the end result is not as good as you would expect, which is a little unfortunate considering the great value and stellar user experience that you can obtain from this entire experience.

The presentation is good enough, although the graphics are a little bad to be honest and while the game does try to create an interesting game world, you can find some nice and detailed locations here and there which do spruce up the gameplay and take it to new heights.

I liked the fact that you are free to explore the world but there are regions in which movement is quite limited and that definitely doesn’t manage to work in your favor, which is a little interesting for most players to be honest.

The visuals are ok, however the overall animations are very bad, and that does translate into an awkward experience when it comes to moving within the game and so on. There are some interesting ideas to be had here though, such as the fact that you can explore the game world as you see fit and the gun play can be quite intense at times.

They did integrate some jump scares which aren’t really a specialty or fan favorite for many people, but the idea here is that you can have some good time with the game.

However, Red Lake lacks enemy variety because aside from dogs, crystal tigers and maybe some crows you don’t really have that many things to shoot at. Really unfortunate, because games like this are all about getting a good enemy variety and having lots of nice things to shoot at. If you don’t mind such a thing, then Red Lake can really be right up your alley, however do keep in mind that you have to backtrack a ton in this game, because objectives tend to come and go all over the place.

There is no real sense of progression but the game does an interesting job when it comes to always offering you some quest. Sure, these might not be RPG level quests but there still are some situations from time to time that you will still enjoy at least for a little while.

I liked the fact that Red Lake manages to integrate some interesting ideas into its gameplay so you should try it for sure, yet the execution could be better to be honest. If that is not a problem for you and you want to play something new, then you should totally check out Red Lake right now, it’s a game with a lot of stuff for you to check out!

Screenshot Red Lake
Screenshot Red Lake
Screenshot Red Lake

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