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Shadow Blade: Reload

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Shadow Blade: Reload

Shadow Blade is an action-platformer set in a visually striking world where the ancient teachings of ninjas and samurai clash upon a modern landscape. Sprint through stages littered with traps, slaying enemies along your path without hesitation as Kuro, t

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hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot Shadow Blade: Reload

Shadow Blade: Reload

Be the ultimate ninja in Shadow Blade: Reload and test your abilities to the utmost limit


Shadow Blade: Reload is one of those games that you will want to play from time to time in order to get a better score. It was designed with an emphasis on being a ninja and using all your skills in order to obtain amazing gameplay experiences. It’s a simple game at first, but the more you play the harder it will be for you to complete the level.

Speaking of levels, their design is spectacular and I am very impressed with the way they created each level. while some of the levels are a little short to be honest, there’s no denying that Shadow Blade: Reload does a great job when it comes to immersing you into the experience and that does wonders for sure. You will see that there are situations in which you might have to deal with hard platforming moments, but at the same time a few regions are super easy.

Controller support is very good here and the game does a great job when it comes to bringing solid controls to begin with, so you will not feel over encumbered. I like the fact that they created Shadow Blade: Reload with ease of use in mind and that can be seen throughout the experience.

The story as a whole is good although they placed more emphasis on per level design rather than everything as a whole, but the experience is indeed solid and the gameplay is really good as well which is what matters the most.

Each level has a time to beat, some are better than others and in the end all you need to do here is to have fun as you try to get a better score. The more you play the better the experience gets, but at the end of the day you will appreciate the attention to detail and stellar user experience offered here. You also have challenge modes as well as the ability to find numerous secrets hidden inside the levels.

I like the fact that you are not imposed to find secrets, but many times you will play through the levels at least once in order to find all levels. This is one of those things that makes the game very good and just a ton of fun to play, which is what matters the most in the end.

I was very impressed with everything that Shadow Blade: Reload has to offer and to be honest I do play it regularly trying to improve my times in each level. It’s a great platform game with good controls and maybe the most rewarding action you can find in a Steam platformer. It’s well worth purchasing, so just check it out and you will love it!

Screenshot Shadow Blade: Reload
Screenshot Shadow Blade: Reload
Screenshot Shadow Blade: Reload

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