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Supreme League of Patriots

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Supreme League of Patriots

Don your cape and mask and join the Supreme League of Patriots in this hilarious and irreverent superhero comedy adventure!

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hackfrag orlygift 5 years ago

Screenshot Supreme League of Patriots

Supreme League of Patriots

Superheroes are everywhere nowadays, from the small to large screens and so on. But while all of them tend to focus on their audience, one thing is easy to understand and plain simple, being a superhero is not as easy as it sounds, however Supreme League of Patriots makes it feel hilarious and a ton of excitement.

I personally find this game to be very good just because it showcases how you can be a superhero, yet at the same time it also blames politics and brings in front multiple cultural icons. The game is not only designed in order to offer a great variety but at its core it’s just a simple, exciting title that does deliver a lot on its premise.

The gameplay is actually quite simple, as it features a classic point and click gameplay that’s fun and enjoyable despite getting boring at times.

I am not a fan of the season pass model they used here, I do find that games like this work a lot better in a single release, but adventure games seem to be focus on the season pass thing for the time being so I can’t really blame them from using this. They do offer the soundtrack with the season pass which is an added bonus that does deliver a great experience all around and that can be really fun to be honest.

I enjoy however the fact that you can play two characters, because each one of them is different in the way he reacts and playing with them is just a lot of fun. The hint system is also integrated with a perfect twist here. Yet the true benefit about the game is the story and it does help quite a lot when it comes to experiencing the title in all of its glory. You will have to create quite a lot of twists and succumb to numerous missions, which will indeed add up to generate a great experience all around.

Graphics are very colorful and they can be quite disturbing at times due to this color palette that they chose, however kids will like them for sure. The game does offer an interesting combination between ideas created for kids and the stuff that they are marketed towards is quite interesting. The soundtrack does blend seamlessly with the graphics and the entire experience, which makes me believe that the title does a great job in regards to the sense of immersion that you can expect from such a game.

As a whole, Supreme League of Patriots does a nice job when it comes to exploring America in all of its glory. The story is good and it does have its places of dark humor, but in the end the title does a great job and it delivers a nice experience. It’s a good adventure game to try out!

Screenshot Supreme League of Patriots
Screenshot Supreme League of Patriots
Screenshot Supreme League of Patriots

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