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The Lone Chameleon

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The Lone Chameleon

A 2D puzzle-game about cooperation and empathy.

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hackfrag orlygift 2021 years ago

Screenshot The Lone Chameleon

The Lone Chameleon

The Lone Chameleon is a new 2D puzzle game with a very interesting premise. The idea here is that you can control up to 4 different characters and you have to guide all of them to the end of the level. It sounds simple, but the game does come with some really distinct and fun ideas to test your resilience as you go along!

As you would imagine, the beginning of the game is very simple. You are introduced to the idea of having fun with the game, but you also have some new mechanics that you get to explore right from the start. Ideally, they make it easier for you to understand all mechanics, as none of them are convoluted. You always know where you want to go and how to adapt to your advantage.

They did a very good job at making The Lone Chameleon visually appealing. They do a very good job at bringing in front some unique, outstanding features and in the end that can be quite an interesting thing to have.

Maybe the best part about The Lone Chameleon is that new challenges appear all the time. You will have to jump over stuff, get over paralyzing rays and so on. You always end up dealing with some sort of challenge, and that can be a good thing. The experience just gets to be a lot more immersive each time you play, and you really have fun doing that. Of course, there are moments where you will scratch your head too. But it makes sense in a game like The Lone Chameleon, because you won’t always know the solution to each puzzle.

And maybe it’s for the best. You just get to identify the right way of playing and you can have a lot more fun exploring all the options and benefits.

The Lone Chameleon doesn’t get boring. You always learn something new and new mechanics are introduced all the time. It’s their way of showing that new stuff is always there for you to enjoy and it only gets better and better all the time. You still have to endure some of these challenges until you get the hang of them. But it’s the type of approach that makes sense from a story standpoint and the value on its own is really good as a whole.

The Lone Chameleon is inexpensive, yet it did add 60 levels, It’s nice to see that they were creative enough to pull of 60 different levels, especially when they do ramp up with difficulty as you go along. Is it fun? It really is one of the most interesting and intense games out there. The 2D visuals are appropriate for a game like this, and overall you do enjoy the look and feel of this experience. Could it be better? The Lone Chameleon does a very good job at being a fun, unique gaming experience for puzzle lovers. It’s well worth your time if you enjoy solving puzzles and coming up with great new ideas!

Screenshot The Lone Chameleon
Screenshot The Lone Chameleon
Screenshot The Lone Chameleon

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