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Way of Redemption

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3.4 Way of Redemption

Way of Redemption is the perfect combination of sports and action games, creating a new and dizzying genre: Multiplayer Online Sport Arena.

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hackfrag orlygift 4 years ago

Screenshot Way of Redemption

Way of Redemption

Way of Redemption is a fun game that combines the idea of online sports arena with battle games. When you play Way of Redemption, you are placed in a football field and the rules are simple. The AI in the middle will randomly give the ball on the field. You need to catch the ball and score by misguiding your opponent.

You can play either 1v1 or 2v2 and the game is very competitive right from the start. The fact that you have special powers does add to the experience, because you can boost the ball speed, access a multiball feature to misguide your opponent and so on. The possibilities are limitless, and that makes the game a lot more intense and fun than you would imagine.

Each one of the game ideas presented in the game is fun, unique and it does work very well. The lore seems simple too, the gods created a tournament where the only thing you can do is to win, otherwise you will not be able to get home. Having such high stakes does go to show how intense and fun this tournament really is.

The arenas you play in are very distinct and unique. They look amazing, all while offering a distinct gameplay and a fresh new perspective over the way you play. The visuals on their own are great too, although the character animations do feel a bit stiff at times.

The only way to win is to eliminate your opponent by constantly scoring. The more you score, the less health your opponent will have. The game does get very intense as you play, and it just shows how amazing and fun Way of Redemption really is.

The game works great and it offers PC and PS4 crossplay, not to mention you can play against the AI or real people from all over the world. Thankfully, the game makes it very easy to customize your hero and you can unlock content as you play and improve your hero.

A nice touch comes from the fact that the game is Multilanguage. It’s a unique touch and it brings in front a delightful, unique perspective that you can rely upon.

It can take a while until you complete the game experience and take it to new heights, but that’s what really makes Way of Redemption shine. It’s one of those games that you will like a lot, because it’s visually distinct and even the gameplay is unlike any other game out there.

The progression system is masterful and Way of Redemption always manages to offer that sense of unique game mechanics and fun moments. Overall, it’s a polished game although the animations do need a bit more work.

But if you are a fan of online games and you always try to improve your skill and have fun, then Way of Redemption is definitely the right game for you. It’s unique, funny and it also tests your capabilities. Definitely worth your time if you want to play games in short bursts!

Screenshot Way of Redemption
Screenshot Way of Redemption
Screenshot Way of Redemption

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