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Zero Reflex

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3.7 Zero Reflex

Circles, bullets, shurikens, rockets, saws and time ... they're all after you! Zero Reflex will tests both your dexterity and your nerves in a fast-paced punishing environment that keeps pushing your limits. You have no save points and no excuses! Be fast

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hackfrag orlygift 6 years ago

Screenshot Zero Reflex

Zero Reflex

I always liked reflex based games, titles that allow you to always push towards your limits, but there’s something in particular that makes Zero Reflex so cool and exciting! This is a very interesting game because it brings in front a whole bunch of cool mechanics, and all of them are combined towards perfection in a stellar manner, as you would expect.

What makes Zero Reflex great for me is the simple fact that this title offers you 30 seconds of amazing goodness. Simply put, you need to survive in a ton of worlds that have an eye at the center of it all, and that particular eye throws a ton of stuff at you. It can attack you directly, from behind or you will have to avoid numbers, small balls and so on. It’s a unique combination of tools that can be accessed here, and all of them are offered in an amazing manner which you will love for sure.

It’s exciting and fun what a simple reflex title can do, and I have to say that I really like their mechanic when you die. The idea is simple, when you die, you get transported to the previous level, so if you finished level 20, started 21 and you died there within those 30 seconds, then you will get back to level 20. This way the game doesn’t really offer a setback, instead it’s created to be more rewarding and fun as a whole, which you will love for sure.

The whole idea of passing all 60 challenges and winning $10000 is amazing, but let’s face it, this can be a tough challenge even for those that are accustomed with this type of game. The title can be frustrating at times, true, but it’s the entire nature of playing such a game that offers such a feeling, so you can expect yourself to spend a lot of time playing and trying to complete each level.

I was impressed with Zero Reflex to be honest, as it does an amazing job when it comes to making its gameplay fun, accessible and quirky! It’s a really cool game, and at the end of the day this is what matters the most. It’s exciting, funny, but also frustrating, so it’s basically the perfect combination for those that want to enjoy a challenge and also have fun playing this sort of title. If you like such as experience, hop in for the ride, Zero Reflex is amazing!

Screenshot Zero Reflex
Screenshot Zero Reflex
Screenshot Zero Reflex

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